Technology has become an integral part of daily life. Whether you choose to embrace it or not, technology is continuously improving and impacting the way that we learn and communicate with each other. Successful entrepreneurs understand that embracing technology is in their best interest if they want to stand out and be noticed in a crowded marketplace.

Three years ago, Travis Smith had an opportunity to combine his love of arts, technology and teaching to make a positive impact on his local community. After 20 years of working in corporate America, the company where Smith was employed downsized, and he was laid off from his position. Travis seized this opportunity and stepped out on faith.

Travis Smith and his business partner, Jamil White, identified a need and proceeded to launch ACT Generation. Located in the ACT Global Center, ACT Generation is the first state-certified audiovisual, communication, business and technology school in Delaware. The curriculum is geared to adults, teaching them how to use technology to their advantage instead of being intimidated by it.

Mr. Smith knows that millennials approach technology much differently from baby boomers.  Instead of allowing technology to separate millennials from other generations, Smith and White have created a resource that connects them. Their mission is to “bridge technology and communications for all generations”.

Currently, adults can participate in workshops or enroll in a 16-week certification course in communications. Certification courses are offered year-round. New courses in e-commerce and business will be offered in the fall. Smith has planned to launch online courses in early 2017.

Mr. Smith believes that “technology needs to become a norm so people can go back to using their interpersonal skills. Back in the day, adults met at social gatherings where they actually talked and interacted with each other. Nowadays it’s common to see members of the millennial generation interacting with each other on their Smartphone more than with face-to-face communication”, Travis explained.

ACT is the solution that people didn’t know they needed. On Thursday, June 30th, at 3 pm EST, residents of Delaware will celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony, at ACT Generation.

This event is open to the public and will also feature a 5000-piece exhibit with Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 collectibles. When I asked Travis about the significance of this exhibit and the grand opening of ACT Generation, he explained that Michael Jackson was an innovator who “lived outside of the box and impacted lives around the world.” That’s what ACT Generation represents – innovation and global impact.

ACT Generation is located inside of ACT Global Center at 715 N. Orange St, 2nd Floor in Wilmington, DE 19801. For more information, visit or contact Travis at 302-476-8916.