When you are a freelancer, the early days might be filled with pitches and scrambling to get the work coming in. Over time as you become more established, you will find that more often, the work will come to you. Of course, you will still pitch for the projects you want, but you’ll have to balance everything very carefully. The rate at which you grow might be quicker than you anticipated. Which means that you might be needing some extra hands. In fact, you might even need to be considering an office outside of the home and full-time workers. 

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There are many benefits for you as a freelancer when it comes to outsourcing, let’s take a look.


When you know that the admin and the regular daily tasks are being taken care of, you are free to go full speed in your work. Instead of working in your business, you can work on it. You will have more time with clients, more time on the projects, and time is money. Virtual assistants are usually the first port of call when it comes to increasing your output and organization. You can try a few before you find the one that will work well with you. 

Client Management

If you free up space and time, you have more of that to dedicate to your client and client management. Every client likes to feel like they are the only ones you have. If you are struggling to fit them in or you have to push their work elsewhere, then that will have a knock-on effect. 

Down Time

There is nothing worse than having a downtime disaster. You can’t access files, your software is glitching, and your computer network is struggling. Outsourcing your IT to the right managed IT support professionals will mean you have minimal (if any) downtime. And, if you do happen to run into issues, they will be able to tackle them with speed and efficiency. 


You are invested in your image, in your work, and what you deliver. Over time you might not see where there is room for improvement and innovation. When you hire other people to help on specific projects, they will bring with them a fresh perspective and a creative streak that is different from your own. 

That outside perspective might mean that you can give the client something that fits their bill, is true to your style, but with an added twist that makes them come back time and again.


While most freelancers have a wide range of skills that are outside of what they do on a daily basis, you can create an even wider pool. Meaning you can take on clients that have a more comprehensive range of needs. Adding graphic design, website building, extra coaching, or other value-added skills

One of the key things, when you are outsourcing work, is that you like the person you are outsourcing too. This will make the working relationship better for both of you, and create a freelancer synergy – which is when things really kick up a notch.