So, you came up with an idea and decided to go ahead and create the product. That’s great. More people need to trust themselves when it comes to making ideas a reality – after all, if you don’t create your idea, somebody else might!

You need to make sure your product is truly ready for launch before you put it out into the world. While you may be certain that your product is ready, make sure you ask the following 3 questions first:

Will It Keep Users Coming Back?
First of all, you need to make sure that the product you create will keep users coming back for more. It must solve a problem that people have in order for it to be popular, but it needs to be unique if they are going to get the product from you rather than your competitors. Of course it should be attractive too. Bear in mind the most likely thing that will keep users coming back for more is not just the product, but your customer service. The service you offer a customer is just as important as the product, so, are you ready?

Are There Bugs?
You could argue that a product will never be perfect. However, ironing out the bugs as much as possible before launch is a must. This could make the difference between a launch that changes your life and a launch that flops.

Have You Honed The Quality?
Honing the quality of your product is so important – quality assurance as part of your process is essential. The infographic below can explain further.

credit to Global App Testing