Being able to balance a successful blog with a busy home life as a stay at home mom can be difficult at the best of times. Having a thriving career whilst still completely the commitments that come with being a parent can leave with no time or energy, and both can suffer as a result over time. You have to find sufficient ways of dedicating each day to completing tasks in an efficient and productive way, and allow yourself some time to relax and rewind at the end of it all. If you want some of the best advice on how you can find the perfect balance between running an amazing blog and being the most caring stay at home mom ever, then read on to discover some top tips to help you transform the productivity of your daily life. 


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Make A Timetable & Stick To It

Making a timetable that sets out what tasks you must complete and when will help you dramatically when you begin to implement your schedule. Investing in a large daily calendar should help you plan and prioritize your tasks in physical form and note anything important that may aid your productivity. Having everything in written form will ensure that you do not forget anything and have a better chance getting distracted, instead being encouraged to stay on task. Use different colors to signify the most and least important. Use a tick or mark off any tasks as you complete them. This will motivate you to get more done. A journal with a few bullet points for each day can keep you on track.

Outsource Tasks Where Possible

Whether it’s investing in outsourced SEO or hiring a babysitter, asking for help isn’t a negative thing. Being able to let go of some responsibility in order to give yourself a break is nothing to be ashamed of, so do not worry when you have to wave the white flag. There are many aspects of your blog that could potentially be outsourced, most of which can be organized from the comfort of your own home. Having a professional complete your work will also give you peace of mind that the job is still being done very well even though you had little input. You simply cannot take on the complete responsibility of caring for your children full time without a break, especially when they’re in their younger years. Being able to have a few hours each week where you can pass over the responsibility of providing them with constant care and attention will allow you to de-stress and create some time to make use of too. 

Make The Right Office

Being able to designate a specific room to do your work inside and be somewhat free of children and distractions will help your productivity by a mile. Trying to type at the kitchen table whilst your little one sit beside you will not make for the right working environment, as they are bound to want to speak with you and grab your attention. To ensure that you are able to focus and have your own ‘office’ of some kind, find an unused room or area in your home that can be altered and changed to suit your privacy needs.

Look After Yourself

It’s so important that you are able to still take some time for yourself and care for your own wants and needs too. Often the dedication that comes with being a full time parent as well as a successful blogger can consume your entire life, and mean that self care takes the furthest back seat possible. You must make an effort to look after yourself too, as your job nor your children will be able to do this for you. Without being in great physical and mental health, you will not being able to perform to your full potential and reach your goals both in work and family life. Make an effort t eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid processed junk food, whilst making time for regular exercise or sweat inducing activities, 

Being able to balance the commitments of being a full time blogging maestro as well as a top notch stay at home parent can overwhelm you if you do not have the right tools to get both jobs done to a great standard.