It’s tough to dedicate your time properly when your business and family are both growing. Opportunities at work and an ever increasing need for success can drive your personal life to the back of your mind. It’s important to divide your time in the most suitable way, allowing you to not only achieve greatness within your career, but create a strong family connection and environment at the same time. It really is possible to have your cake and eat it too, and here are some of the easiest ways to get the best of both worlds.


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Use Your Family As Motivation

Thinking of the time you will get to spend with your family after work can really encourage you to complete any tasks you’ve set throughout the day in a more efficient and timely manner.  It will definitely assist your productivity, and helping to ensure you get everything done as soon as possible not only will allow you to go home to them faster, but also improve your workflow and act as fuel in times of boredom or stress. Anticipating your return home every day will make the time you get to spend together even more special.

Utilize Your Notepad At Home

The only thing you should bring home with you from work is your notepad. This notepad should be used whenever you get a thought regarding your business, so that you do not have to let it occupy your mind and you can deal with it whenever you arrive back in the office. The process of extracting the idea, problem or occupying thought and storing it on the page within your notepad will encourage you to leave your job at the door and focus on what’s in front of you. Close the book as soon as the thought is on the paper, and return it to its draw or shelf for extra isolation. Each time it reappears in your mind, block it out and picture the book closing instead.

Lose Some Responsibility

It’s very tempting to want to complete most or all of the tasks within your business yourself. This obviously will lead to a completely unmanageable workload and high levels of stress which can have a terrible impact on family life. Delegate some responsibility to your employees – if you don’t feel confident in their abilities ask them to shadow you to learn the appropriate practices. Outsourcing services is another great way to relieve a portion of your current and future workload. A usability testing platform can do some of the hard research work for you, and the data can be analyzed remotely to save you even more time. Even by investing in an autonomous machine that completes one of your regular mundane tasks for you can alleviate a little pressure or a few more minutes of your day.

Dedicate A Family Night

It’s essential that your loved ones feel like an important and special part of your life. Choose one night each week when you all get together to cook and eat a meal so you can catch up and spend some regular dedicated quality time with one another. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just work together in the kitchen to create something special for you all to share. Make your colleagues aware of this commitment, and even consider encouraging them to do the same. Eating meals as a family will help everyone come together and build stronger bonds and relationships, and bring about a sense of belonging and unity.

Don’t Forget Your Partner

The relationship between you and your spouse may become strained under the stresses of juggling a business with family life. Time spent alone with each other becomes minuscule, often the only true serenity of peaceful sleep together is interrupted by your phone pinging through another notification from work. It’s just as important to dedicate some special time to your husband or wife, to show them you haven’t forgotten how marvelous they are. Whether the business succeeds or fails, they will be there by your side to support you no matter what, so don’t allow them to feel as though they’re being taken for granted.
It may seem impossible to be a business owner, a parent, and a husband or wife all at the same time; but by being smarter with your time management and working in a more motivated and efficient way, you can create the opportunity to dedicate more time to appreciating and caring for your family, whilst still ensuring maximum business success.