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Nowadays, anyone can start a website. You don’t need any training or experience. You can sign up to a provider like WordPress and have a site online within seconds. Most small businesses can add a functional website to their business easily and quickly, even adding online shops and other services. 

But, most of these businesses will choose a standard theme for their site. They might pay for a professional-looking theme that gives them customization options and prioritizes the essentials like SEO and site speed. But the truth is that changing the layout a little or using custom fonts and colors won’t give you a unique site. You’ll be using a template, and so your site will look and perform like thousands (or more) of other sites on the internet. If you choose a theme that is common with other businesses in your sector, you won’t stand out at all. Your site won’t make an impression or be remembered. It won’t stand out for the crowd. The alternative to working with a template is using professional web design from Here’s a look at some of the benefits. 


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Your Site Will Be Unique

Perhaps the most obvious reason to take on a designer is that they will make sure your site is unique. It won’t be the same as anything else. It will be designed just for you and to suit the needs of your business. 

It Will Work How You Want it to

You might have specific needs for your business. You might want to add certain sections or features. Often, doing this with a standard theme can mean adding plugins, which can slow your site down. A designer will create a site that works just as you need it to from the start, with no compromise to speed or efficiency. 

Your Site Will Reflect Your Business

Your custom site won’t just have your business logo in the header. It will use your branding subtly throughout. It will also reflect your brand’s personality, whether it’s fun, serious, professional, or something else entirely. Your site will be a fully integrated part of your brand. 

You’ll Make a Great First Impression

When someone lands on a site that looks like any other, they go about their business, but they don’t think about it. Create a unique site, and you’ll make a great first impression, you’ll impress views, and so they’ll remember you. 

Boost Business

A well-designed site can increase traffic from search engines, bringing new viewers to your business, increasing click-through and conversion rates, and helping you to grow

Increase Performance

A professionally designed site will offer you incredible speeds and function, increasing SEO, reducing bounce rate, and boosting return visitors. A great website works harder for your business, and it gets results. 

Professional design is an expense. But a website is a crucial element for most businesses today. They help you to build an audience, give you a way to communicate effectively, they help you to get found, and for many, they are the primary way to make sales. So, isn’t it worth spending a little more to get it right?