Every business comes with its fair share of concerns. This is par for the course – every company is going to have its ups and its downs – not just from your own perspective, but there will always be things that are out of your control. So, what are the biggest issues that you will ever encounter as an entrepreneur? If you are starting out a business, take note, as these will be things that will never escape your remit.




This will always bring up a lot of debate – especially with your sub-team leaders. The important thing for you, as the leader of this business, is to see the bigger picture. The problem many entrepreneurs have is that they can get weighed down by specific issues, because somebody is shouting louder than another person, and if you are trying to be a people person and please everybody, this will sound the death knell for your business. You need to start thinking about how you can conserve finances without compromising the integrity of the business. So, whether this is using outsourced IT support, hiring freelancers to tide you over, or by streamlining your processes, these all need to be done in conjunction with seeing the bigger picture.

Staff Development

staff development


You may underestimate the benefits of teaching your staff how to conduct business in a certain manner, and there will be conflicts in this on a consistent basis. But developing your staff – whether it is by eLearning, regular team meetings, personal development programs, or just by listening to their needs within the business framework – is what will help you all pull together in one direction. Pulling together in one direction is a big cliché in business, but have you ever seen any companies make a name for themselves by being fragmented and separate? Your staff needs to be one unit, and this includes you within this unit. This is a very common hallmark of the modern business, working in a holistic manner to identify the main personal issues and develop your staff within a supportive framework. This isn’t just in how they work; it’s how they are.

The Unknown

frustrated man


This is arguably the hardest part of being an entrepreneur. There is always anxiety of the unknown around every corner. There are always going to be issues with costs, or something falling through and these problems can weigh heavily on you. Anxiety for entrepreneurs is as common as a cold. The way in which you deal with this is the solution. The fact is that the weight on your shoulders of your employees who are paying mortgages, have children, and need to earn money, can apply you with so much pressure that you will emotionally spiral out of control. This is something you need to address within yourself and develop coping mechanisms.

In addition to these, there can be a lot of loneliness when you are an entrepreneur. The long working days, combined with rarely seeing your family, can get you down. These are major issues you will encounter and it requires a well of inner strength for you to pull this business off. The question you need to ask yourself is – is it all worth it? Only you know.