We all have to deal with distractions when we’re in the workplace, and usually there’s a supervisor or a manager on hand nearby to keep us on track. However, when it comes to being your own boss, and/or working from home, you’ve got to have the focus and the dedication to pull yourself back into things! And that’s something a lot of people struggle with, and we really don’t blame you! 

To keep on top of your business, you’ve got to ensure it has your sole focus. And to help you do that, we’ve got a quick list of how to handle the most common and pesky workplace distractions below. 


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Dealing with Building Issues

The buildings we work in can throw a lot of disruptions at us. Namely, noisy windows, flickering lights, faulty heating and cooling systems, and even just a non-functional toilet flush can make those bathroom breaks much longer! And when it comes to trying to stay on track when you’re at work, any of these things could cause downtime of over an hour.

So you need to get them fixed, as soon as possible! For that AC that doesn’t blow right, get in touch with an emergency ac repair company. For those windows that let in all the noise of the traffic and the kids outside, call someone about double or triple glazing. And make sure you change your office bulbs regularly! 

Putting Your Social Life on Hold

A text from a friend, or a marketing email, or even just a social media notification, can cause us to lose hours to our phones. It’s one of the worst disruptions of the modern world – when you’ve got a phone that’s a portal to everything a social life has to offer, you’re going to jump to answer whenever something comes through.

So it’s time to cut this distraction out of your life. Turn your phone off, put your inbox on silent (and/or unsubscribe from as many marketing threads as possible), or simply screen all calls and texts during your working hours. Make sure you keep yourself busy by actually keeping busy, and don’t lose out to social media once again.

What to Do Next

Aside from the methods above, there are a few more things you can do to ensure your work isn’t suffering from the amount of distractions during working hours. Most of all, be aware of where distractions are likely to come from, and put things in place to block these out ahead of time. 

Indeed, you could use a website blocking app to stop you from visiting any site that isn’t business related. You could also use some noise cancelling headphones to keep you from hearing phone calls, and only the most determined of callers is going to get through this, so don’t worry about not picking up for someone important. 

The workplace is full of distractions. Learn where they come from and what you can do about them.