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A lot has changed in the last ten years. Technology has evolved rapidly and many companies have been left trailing behind. Here are just ten signs your company is still stuck in 2008 and what you can do to bring it into the present day.

You have a website, but no social media

Most companies realize that they can’t compete in 2018 without a website, but some companies still feel that this is all they need when it comes to having an online presence. The reality is that a website is only a small part of what it takes to make an impact online – social media advertising, SEO, PPC advertising and content marketing are just a few other tactics required to make a company seem credible. Social media in particular is a big deal and is helping many companies to generate new customers and encourage old customers to return. There are companies out there such as MicroD that can help with this form of marketing if you’re not social media savvy. Setting social media pages is free although many companies pour a lot of money into creating ads, gaining influence and paying companies to generate engaging content.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

If your website is over ten years old, there could be a chance that it’s not mobile-friendly. Many people now use the web on their phones and if your website isn’t mobile compatible, it could be putting off potential customers. Visit your company website whilst using a phone and check for formatting issues or problems such as small text and buttons. You can create a more mobile-friendly version with the help of a website programmer.

You’re not using the cloud

Many companies are now storing their data on the cloud, which is essentially a remote server rather than a local server or a hard drive. Cloud storage has many advantage – you can access your files from any location using any device, allowing you to work from the office, from home or in your local coffee shop. Multiple people can also access the same file at once making it great for sharing information. On top of this, you have huge amounts of storage space at your disposal – you’ll never run out of file space again. There are many cloud companies out there such as Equinix that cater specifically to businesses, offering increased security to ensure your files are kept safe – it’s worth shopping around to find the best cloud service for you.


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You’re still not accepting card payments

Less people are carrying cash today. By not accepting card payments, you could be losing customers. Even market stall vendors and bus services are now allowing card payment. You can buy a card reader relatively cheaply now. There are even card readers that can attach to your smartphone!

You don’t use accounting software

If bookkeeping is the bane of your life and you still don’t use accounting software, downloading a program such as Intuit Quickbooks should be your number one priority. Accounting software can automate tax calculations, saving time and minimizing errors. There are lots of programs out there to choose from, some of which are even free (although these are generally better suited to small one-man companies).

You don’t use apps

The most successful business owners are using their smartphones to their advantage – apps can help to keep diaries, manage projects and even do tasks like accounting on the go. Many companies have even taken steps to create their own apps in order to gain new customers or make their own lives easier – you could create your own digital loyalty card app or a training app for new employees.

You don’t post job vacancies online

Job listing sites such as Indeed are one of the most popular places that job seekers look. Social media is also becoming a popular means of advertising jobs. If you’re still putting ads in newspapers or relying on a poster outside your shop, you could be limiting the type of applicants that you receive and not getting the best talent available. Start using the internet as an added recruitment tool and see what difference it makes.


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You still pour money into phone book advertising

Hardly anyone uses a phone book to find new business anymore. Instead, most people rely on search engines to look up a company’s contact details. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t pay for phone  book advertising at all – it may be a dying medium, but it could still attract some customers who perhaps don’t use the web. However, if you’re marketing on a budget, it probably shouldn’t come top of your priority list – you’re much better off paying for SEO, so people can find you on search engines like Google.

Your company still heavily uses paper

Most modern companies have no reason to use paper. Other than for keeping records of important legal documents, paper serves little purpose when everything can be stored and shared online. You can save a lot of money by doing away with paper and printers, plus you can save space used up by paper files. On top of this, you can help to save the environment by lowering the demand for trees to be cut down. All in all, going paperless can be a huge benefit to your company.

You don’t care about your company’s carbon footprint

The last decade has seen a growing concern for the planet. Rising energy prices have also made it more economically sensible to think environmentally. Going green can give your company a better public reputation and also save you money in many cases. Many modern companies are now investing in solar power, going paperless and recycling more. Think about ways in which you may be leaving a large carbon footprint and take steps to reduce this.