How businesses enter the new year is a testament to how well they have been thinking about the challenges they face. By the time January has arrived, you will be considering where you went wrong and how to prevent the same mistakes from last year happening again. However, you won’t have too much time to think once you’re in the flow of things. Winter is merciless and it will try everything it can to prevent normal working days from going ahead. As part of your New Year’s resolution, you should work harder to make your business continue without hiccups during a time when the weather is against you.

Self-support option

An emergency liquidity fund is something all major businesses have developed. It’s primarily used for moments of peril such as when the business is in dire need for urgent and immediate funding. This fund isn’t large but it’s enough to keep the business engine ticking over for at least a month or two. For small businesses, this is called a ‘rainy day’ fund which you can use when throwing money at the problem is a viable option. You should use this fund to pay for the bills if they should go up, which they usually do in winter. It can be used to hire another delivery company if your current distributor is having trouble with their fleet, due to the roads. It’s also used to pay employees and hire freelancers when employees take days off due to illness.

The pot of gold

This year and beyond, industries will value big data more than ever. It’s vital that you keep your customers’ data protected and securely stored at all times. During the winter, power cuts are normal. It’s expected that you will have to rely on emergency generator power at least once or twice during the period from January until the end of March. It’s common for small businesses not to possess the kind of infrastructure needed to safely store a large amount of data. However, there are options like where your files will be transferred to an offsite storage facility. It’s not just protection from natural disasters but from hackers as well. Your data will be stored behind private servers, data encryption and multiple firewalls. 


Employee access

Keeping your business premises open and clear from snow and ice sounds simple enough, but it’s tough to maintain day in and day out. You can’t expect employees not to be a little late if they have trouble parking their vehicles in hazardous conditions. Hire a snow clearance service, so you provide your workforce with a safe way to arrive and exit from work. When they arrive to take the opportunity to buy a grit bin from them, so you can shovel grit salt yourself and save some money in the long run.
No matter what these cold dark months will throw at your business, the show must go on. Protect your data from potential power cuts and natural disasters. If you haven’t already, start creating a rainy day fund which you use to pay for extra services.