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Hiring an employee is an exciting time in the life of your business. Things have been going well. In fact, they’ve been going so well that you can’t possibly take on all the work anymore. You’re running around like crazy trying to juggle so many different tasks; it’s impossible! As a result, your only option is to hire your first every employee.

Obviously, if you’ve never hired an employee before, then this will be a very new thing for you. So, here are a few things you need to consider before you take the plunge.


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Think About How They’ll Work With You

You need to consider how your employee is going to work for your business. By this I mean, are they going to work with you in an office, or will they be working from home? In reality, this depends on your business. If you run a home business with no office, then the second option makes more sense. At least until you experience enough business growth to warrant moving into an office. Likewise, if you already have an office, then it makes more sense to try and hire someone that can come and work there with you. This means you work closely together, communicate better and you can monitor her productivity easier.


Get Your Payment System Sorted

Before you hire your employee, you need to figure out how she’ll be paid. If you’re hiring on a permanent basis, then you should really set up a payroll system to ensure she’s paid every month. Get your hands on a pay stub generator too, so you both have records of the payments to avoid any disputes. If you’re hiring on a freelance basis, then you’ll pay for whatever work is completed. The hardest part is deciding how much to pay. If you’re giving an annual wage, you should look at what the average salary is for the type of job she’ll be doing. Similarly, check the average freelance rates if you’re hiring in that capacity.

Decide How You’ll Hire Them

Of course, you have to think about how you’ll hire your first employee. What process will you go through? Are you going to outsource an HR agency to help find the ideal candidate? For me, this would be a waste of money as you’re only hiring one person and you’re a small business. At the end of the day, no one will know what’s right for your company more than you do. Just think about how you’ll advertise the job and what kind of applicant you’re seeking. Will it be a simple case of submitting a resume and attending an interview? Or, will you have questions to answer as part of the application? This will depend on you, and what your business needs. I think you’ll find the video below helpful as it gives you a few interview techniques that could help you find the best candidates.


Hiring your first employee is a huge step, so you want to guarantee you’re in the right position when you do this. Think about these three things beforehand, then hire away!