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It’s common for people to look for easy ways to make money, with most feeling tired of the time they have to put into their daily work. Of course, though, in most cases, it will be impossible to find a way to make money which doesn’t involve any sort of work, and this becomes abundantly clear when you’re going down this route. When starting a business, some people don’t consider this area at all. It can be far too easy to step into a field which will make you feel monumentally stressed, and a lot of people want to avoid this sort of issue.

Food & Drink

There are few industries which are as volatile as food and drink. Trends change all the time, and it only takes a bad word or two about a restaurant for it to see a fall in customers. The most successful companies in this field are usually those which have been around for a very long time, having cemented their place in the past. The cost of employees, fresh stock, and a place to sell from are the key contributors to the stress in this field, though you also have to think about keeping your customers safe. Very few new food businesses are successful, nowadays.

Medical Care

It’s essential that there are companies available to handle medical care, even in places which have state-run health systems in place. Like the food industry, a lot of pressure is put on medical companies to follow strict laws, all of which are designed to keep patients safe. On top of this, there is a high amount of cost associated with getting into this field, with companies like Medtronic Covidien being the only ones to offer certain types of equipment. With the risk of having patients die in your care, most people won’t want to run this sort of business, and it can be better to look down a calmer path.


Most people struggle to look after their own money, finding it stressful to get what they need at different points in their life. If you decide to start a financial company, be it investments, accounting, or anything in between, you will have to deal with similar stress, only it will be other people’s money you’re playing with. With this field being so stressful, most small and medium sized companies pass it onto someone else. The companies which manage money for others have to be extremely careful, with small mistakes leading to heavy losses, and reputation playing a significant role in your ability to get new clients.

With all of this in mind, you should have a good idea of the sort of businesses you should be looking to avoid if you don’t want to tell with stress. The law always plays a large role in stirring anxiety when you’re working on a business, though trying to keep customers happy can also put pressure on you. Insurance can always help with this, but it won’t stop the dread from creeping in.