With the chilly weather upon us, it’s time for business owners to begin thinking about how to make their workplace cozy and comfortable for their staff and clients visiting the premises. Doing so will have multiple benefits; for starters, it’ll make your workplace a reprieve from the cold weather outdoors. It’ll also make your staff happier (and thus more productive) and show your clients that you’re an active boss (that is, that you’re in tune with your environment and willing to make changes when necessary). Below, we take a look at how to give your workplace that cozy feel this fall and winter season.

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Think About Your Lighting

In the summertime, you don’t really need to think too much about the lighting in your workplace; the brightness of the outdoors will do most of the work. In the darkness of winter, that’s all different. Take a look at your lighting. Do you have those standard, overly-bright overhead lights? Then you won’t only be blinding your staff; you’ll be creating a cold feeling for the workplace. Instead, look at adding warm lighting tones that add layers of warmth to the office. It’s much nicer to walk into a place and think “ah, this is nice”, rather than “it’s winter…why do I need sunglasses in here?”

Mix up the Furniture

Like lighting, furniture is another thing that is usually bought and distributed without a second thought. However, carbon copy office desks and chairs aren’t usually comfortable, and they’re definitely not cozy.  Instead of focusing only on what’s practical, think about what might make your office space a more relaxing, inviting space. We know you’re there to do work, but studies have shown that workers are more productive if they’re happy with their surroundings. In any case, having a mix of traditional and non-traditional furniture will make your office look more interesting!

Bring the Warmth

Ask your employees: there’s nothing worse than battling your way through the cold to get to work, finally arriving, and then…it’s cold in the office, too. Cold workplaces have been linked to poor productivity because the staff is uncomfortable and always trying to get themselves warm (hello, coffee break!).

Consider installing a gas oil heater and then getting your fuel from New Era Fuels. This type of heating works faster than other systems, so you’ll be able to put it on when you arrive for work and have the workplace warm in no time. It’s also cheaper than other heating methods, so you’ll save money too!

All New Things

If you want your office to be comfortable and cozy, then you can’t just do the bare minimum: you need to go above and beyond to make sure it’s a place with “the wow factor.” One of the simplest ways to do this is to have a selection of new goods for your staff and clients to enjoy, such as flowers, baked goods, and fruit. And like most other things on this list, it won’t just create a more pleasant working environment – it’ll keep your staff happy. Workers have been shown to be 80% happier at work if small things like daily treats are part of their day!

Upgraded Coffee Station

Let’s be honest: it’s not money that makes the world go round. It’s coffee and it’s likely more important to your staff than you might think. How drinkable is your coffee? Or to put it another way, how nice is the whole coffee experience? If you have a miserable kitchen area, look at livening it up with a quick makeover and new coffee station. This will also prevent your staff from always heading out to buy their coffee from elsewhere. You want your staff to feel at home at the office, not always trying to escape so that they can get the things they want.

Add Character

It’s your company, so add a little bit of character to it – here’s no one stopping you! If you’ve already established branding, then look at adding those details that’ll make your workplace unequivocally your own. You could add art to the wall, or create a cozy collaboration station somewhere in the office. This won’t just add a more relaxed, informal atmosphere into the office; it’ll also make your workplace cool! And who doesn’t love working in a cool office?

Getting Personal

You should already know that your team members aren’t your drone bees, busily going about their business with only one goal in mind. They’re real human beings with a personality and dreams just like everybody else. To help them feel more comfortable when they’re at work, look at bringing down the wall between their personal and business space. You should encourage them to decorate their desks in their own way. It’s a small thing, but one that they’ll appreciate. Plus, think of your clients: who wants to arrive at an office with a clinical feel? Let the personalities of your workers shine through. If you’ve hired correctly, it’ll only add to your business.

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Limit the Essential Office Supplies

There’s a long list of items you’ll need to have as part of a functioning office. But really, how often are you using those paper clips and other office sundries? If possible, look at keeping them stored out of sight. Plus, hiding those office essentials behind something quirky or unique won’t limit your productivity – or affect your business in any way, for that matter.

A Bold Move

There’s no such thing as ‘rules’ when it comes to business. If you do something with confidence, it’ll be appreciated by other people. So why not be bold, and…get an office pet! There are plenty of benefits to having a pooch around the office space. And even if there wasn’t, who doesn’t love to see a lovable animal roaming the hallways when they’re working? Happiness for the win!

It might not have been at the top of your priorities list, but there’s real merit to having a workplace that’s both cozy and comfortable.