It might sound harsh, but there’s no excuse for a business not being able to service its customers in this day and age. Not even a blackout or natural disaster should keep you from satisfying your customers. This is the attitude that will make your business rise head and shoulders above your rivals. Getting yourself to a level where this is realistically feasible, will take time but these measures will get you on your way.

Real-world power

When the power suddenly cuts out, there should be a back-up generator that kicks in to restore electricity in your office or home. A diesel generator is the best option because, with about a hundred or so liters, you can run an entire office floor for between 20-30 hours. As long as you have fuel, you will have power. The benefit of having a diesel generator is that you can use it to power whatever you want. By hooking several extension cords to your generator, you can plug in a heater to keep your employees comfortable. Hooking it to the secondary mains power supply, you can keep all your computers on and functioning. The buildings around you might be out, but as long as you have real-world power, your business can work off the grid.

Ensure accessibility 

Employees should never be without the tools they need. Progression in tasks will be lost if you don’t have a cloud system which can automatically save work. Briefs, data and tasks can all be utilized off the cloud service so employees are never having to start again or piece together a puzzle. The cloud system will also keep customer data safe and off-site. It allows you to work from anywhere so if employees and freelancers are working from home, they won’t be without access to the data they require to complete tasks. If you lack a safe data storage spot, hire a disaster recovery service. VTech Support warns that 93% of businesses that suffer a major data loss go out of business within 5 years. They offer remote servers and data storage. From their servers, you will have access to all your data. 

A secondary plan

If you rely on a parcel delivery service but cannot access your order account due to a power loss, have a plan b. Utilize another delivery company that is able to be your alternative for as long as the power is out. If you provide a service to customers, offer them a discount on a lesser service so retention of their business is possible. If lighting isn’t available in your manufacturing plant, use LED lamps and torches to slowly continue the production line manually. If you were planning on having a conference call in your meeting room, use the relevant app to have the meeting using your smartphone instead. 

You never know how long a blackout is going to last if it’s been caused by a natural disaster. Businesses must have multiple plans ready to be activated if this occurs. Not losing the work employees have done and customer data are two of the highest priorities in this situation.