Running a business takes its toll on all of us. Ultimately, we learn to expand ourselves so much, that we can be physically and mentally exhausted by the time Friday rolls around. And then, with the weekend, we have got to spend so much time preparing ourselves, and priming our business for success so the next week goes smoothly, but we’ve got to figure out how to prime ourselves as well. When it comes to physical and mental health, we could find that our business takes priority, and as such, we tend to neglect all the things that make us function and optimum level. But let’s get this fixed right now. What are the things you can do to keep yourself running at optimum level?

Prime Your Mind By Priming Your Body

You might argue that there’s no time to get physically fit, this is why you need to get your body in peak physical condition; there’s been so much spoken about the importance of being physically fit in terms of how it impacts the brain. But if you feel you haven’t got time to do these things, it’s always worth finding the most intense form of exercise that will benefit you for days afterward. There are many approaches, some good for the Body By Science (super slow weight training) approach, some go for Pilates and Barre Classes, and others go for high-intensity interval training. What you have to remember is that exercise can feel like an exertion, where you are running yourself into the ground. But, exercise can serve you very well by giving you extra energy. And this is a very vital thing to think about. As soon as you start to prime your body, either by doing those Tony Robbins’ approach to things, by putting yourself in extreme hot and extreme cold, as well as putting your body under extreme duress so it can rebuild stronger, you are maximizing the effect in the minimal amount of time.

Minimizing “Health Decision Fatigue”

Decision fatigue is one of those components that we all have to work out so that we don’t get overwhelmed. A lot of people plan the day the night before by laying out their clothes and getting everything ready. Take this one step further when it comes to your health, by having a plan that you need to stick to, and preparing food. You could get a nutritionist to do your meal plan, but there are also plenty of health food suppliers out there that give you the ingredients already cut. And all you need to do is cook them quickly! It’s these little things that will help you cope with the ongoing stress of being an entrepreneur.

When it comes to being fit and healthier, it’s about the two key components, making sure that our body is sufficiently fueled, but also ensuring we are doing enough to keep ourselves in peak physical condition. And when you are working 70 hour weeks, this may not feel like the easiest of tasks to complete. So this is why you’ve got to be clever in how you exercise, by getting the most benefit in the least amount of time, but also by ensuring that you don’t have to think about your health and what the latest fad is in terms of diet.

Finally, you’ve got to learn to listen to your body. If you don’t listen to your body, you won’t be able to reap the benefits. And this means that when you are tired, go to sleep. When you are hungry, eat. There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that have their own approach to things, and this is why it’s important to follow your own instincts.