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Whether you are currently working as a freelancer in your chosen field or still mulling over the decision to freelance, there are a variety of websites out there that you might find useful. Keep reading to learn about three cool sites.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour (peopleperhour.com) is a site where freelance workers bid to get jobs. They send applications and a cost summary for a job. This is then reviewed by whomever posted the job and that person gets to choose who they want to do their required work. Think of it like applying for a regular job, but on a much smaller scale and often for one-off jobs.

People Per Hour offers jobs in a range of areas. So, whatever field you work in, you are bound to find people wanting to hire you. While there is a large selection and People Per Hour is an active website, it isn’t without its issues. Firstly, People Per Hour takes a sizeable cut of your earnings. This drops after you reach a certain threshold, but you need to make sure that you take this fee into account when charging clients. That brings us to the other problem with this site, which is how frequently the person charging the least will often get the job. This is because as you bid to complete work based on how much you’re charging. This can lead to you charging below minimum wage just to get the job and that isn’t good. It means that clients won’t be getting your best work (as you can’t commit a lot of time to an underpaying piece of work) and you will struggle to get enough money to cover your essentials. If possible, you want to try and avoid sites like this as they can cost you more time and energy than they are worth.


Fiverr, on the other hand, is slightly different. It is set up similarly to People Per Hour and does take a cut of your earnings, but since every job costs a fiver, there isn’t any of the cost bidding. Instead, everything costs the same amount, but you can charge more for additional bits of work. A lot of people run their entire business through Fiverr and have found it to be an excellent platform (one such example – zimamedia.com). However, it won’t be for everyone, and you should consider whether you can operate under the strict structure that Fiverr lays out before you before you dive into accepting jobs.

Freelance Job Boards

These are different and wide-ranging compared to the other websites on this list. They are often specific to an area of work and won’t take a cut of your earnings. Instead, they are like normal job boards like Indeed (indeed.com), but they only list freelance work. They link you directly to the client who wants your work and often offer high-quality, higher-paying clients than sites like Fiverr and People Per Hour. If you want to build a freelance career, then you should look into these sites and see if one (or all) can help you get started.