Making plans and promises in terms of your fitness goals is easy enough at the beginning of the year. Come March, on the other hand, or even February and we’re usually back to the same routine after work; peeling off those uncomfortable office clothes, getting our devices out, and staying glued to the screen until it’s dinner time.


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It doesn’t have to be like this, though, and just because we’re aware of our faults doesn’t mean that we have to put up with them. Here is a handful of the easiest things you can do in order to keep your fitness motivation going even after the first week of the new year. It just makes it a bit easier to push on and end the year as a much healthier you.

#1 Try a new workout routine

More often than not, we tend to skip those days of exercise simply because we’re too bored with them. It’s the same every time, after all, and running on that treadmill isn’t going to become more fun just because you have a different show to watch or a new playlist to listen to.

What about just changing your workout routine, in general, instead? There are a ton of fun exercises to try out and you might even be able to find a course in your area in case you need some guidance.

High-intensity interval training has been all the rage lately and you can definitely include this in any of your workout routines; step up your yoga game, for example, run a bit faster, or just try a circle workout with a bit more intensity than your usual routine.

Have a look at this article as well, by the way, for some of the biggest workout hits for 2019 so that you’re in-the-know before everyone else is.

#2 Find delicious and healthy food

If you enjoy the feeling of sitting down after a long workout with something healthy to snack on, it should be easy enough to keep your motivation up during the new year. All you have to do is find a few new recipes to cook up which you’ll be excited about and continue to remind yourself of the great food you get to enjoy afterwards.

Sure, you can eat it even on the days you’re not exercising – but it just feels so much better after a long workout, doesn’t it? Check out one of these recipes, for example, to get started right away.

#3 Get new exercise gear

Just like we were excited about our first days of school after the holidays since we got to flaunt our new backpack and cool new outfits, you’ll be much happier about going to the gym when you look awesome.

This is such an easy trick and will definitely help you to put those shoes on a bit more often; just have a look at this custom hoodie, for example, and you might even be able to head out for a jog even when it’s chilly outside.

Keeping your motivation up in terms of fitness doesn’t have to require that much, after all, and the best tricks tend to include rewards and treats to look forward to. Get your blood pumping right away and you’ll be able to enjoy your evening so much more.