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One of the most critical times for any business is during expansion. Not only will you be stretching your budget, but you’re also gambling on the growth continuing to a level that justifies the investments you’re making. The quicker and more pronounced this growth is, the trickier the situation gets.

Growth is one of the main driving factors for people that seek outside investment. However, not everyone is happy to compromise. Whether the investors want part ownership or to charge an interest rate on top of the investment, nobody will lend you money without it coming at a price. This has created a situation where many companies are streamlining their expansion and coping on their own. How do they do this? There are lots of ducks you need in a row for it to work successfully, and here we’ll try to give you a head start with some of our top tips.

Delay as Many Expenses as Possible

Fake it until you make it doesn’t always work. Keeping your expenses to a minimum until the moment where you can no longer avoid it will help your cash flow tremendously. Do you need an expensive office, the flashy desk, or even the water cooler? If they don’t help your company to generate more income then you don’t. Save the purchases for a later date when economic concerns are less of a major factor.

Test the Water

You can easily gauge the amount of interest in an idea or product by presenting it as if it’s nearly ready for sale. This will help you to track the buzz around your product and estimate the likely popularity of your idea or product. Of course, if the response is great you’ll need to act fast to make it a reality and capitalize on the traction you’ve already started to create.
Keep Commitments to a Minimum

Employing full-time employees comes at a cost. If there are any areas you can outsource to help keep your costs down while you expand, it will help lower your costs and remove a whole heap of hassle from your shoulders. Many of your functions can be outsourced. Due to its complexity and costs, one of the most common areas being outsourced is IT, which is often being handled by third-party companies like the one at now. The high costs of software, hardware, and a qualified and experienced team are a large drain on resources. Outsourcing has many benefits and removes the onus from you, freeing up your cash flow and resources for other strategic things.

Utilize as Many Free Resources as Possible

Whether it’s using LinkedIn for your marketing or partnering with a company in your sector to help expand your range of products, there are many ways you can generate additional income and increase your reach without breaking the bank. Other cost-effective ways of building a customer base include approaching relevant companies to utilize their customer base. This often requires some sort of incentive, such as a freebie for their clients. You can even start your own meet up for your sector, bringing a highly concentrated group of relevant attendees together.

Get Creative

There are a multitude of variations on the things you can do depending on your own personal circumstances. Why not get creative and come up with new ways to save money?