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When your small business sells to other companies, rather than the general public, it can often be hard to make traditional marketing methods work for you. Typically, small business owners are short of time, and so need to maximize their marketing efforts to achieve the most significant impact in the least labor-intensive way.

Whether your small business is new, or well-established but looking to gain a firmer footing in the marketplace, there are several strategies that can help. Focusing your efforts and putting together a comprehensive plan will help you to get the most from the time and money that you spend on your marketing.

Here are some of the ways to boost awareness of your brand, and make yourself known to potential customers:

Cohesive Branding

Unlike a typical consumer buying a household item, business to business transactions are often on a much larger scale, with much more at stake. An unreliable supplier can cause a chain reaction right through the supply chain, resulting in loss of reputation as well as financial implications. Therefore, to attract potential customers, especially as a new business, it is vital that your branding shows you to be trustworthy and reliable.

A strong brand identity can be used to reinforce your business’ reputation as a company that can be trusted. Meanwhile, a cohesive brand will help to communicate to your target audience exactly what your business stands for and make it more easily recognizable. 

Know Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is crucial to creating campaigns that achieve the very best results. Understanding your customers and potential customers means understanding the issues that they face and then positioning your products as the means to solve these issues.

Research the market thoroughly to understand who your potential customers are and then tailor your campaign to match their needs. Think about what your USP, what can your business offer them that your competitors can’t?

Reaching Out

Once you’re happy with your brand and what it stands for, and have identified your target market, it is time to reach out and make yourself known. With the advent of social media and online networks, there are many ways in which you could potentially reach your target market. If you want to interact with other businesses and receive market data, using a feature such as the SeeBiz newsfeed can be helpful and save you lots of time.

Industry Exposure

Growing awareness of your brand online is undoubtedly an important area to focus on. However, don’t forget about the more traditional methods of gaining attention from your target audience. Consider physically showcasing your brand, and networking with other players in your industry by booking a stand at a trade exhibition. This will provide the opportunity for face to face communication and more in-depth discussions. 

Having your brand featured in an industry magazine is an excellent way to highlight anything exciting that your business is doing. However, be careful not to sacrifice all of your trade secrets in the process!