When you become a little more successful as an entrepreneur, you’re going to have a fair bit of money to manage. You’ll most likely be enjoying the extra income and potentially letting the running of your business slip a little.  It’s understandable if you’ve got a lot of money you’re going to want to spend it. However, there are plenty of areas within your business that will still need your attention. With the extra money you’re bringing in, use it to invest back into your business to further boost growth. The more money you invest, the more money you’ll get out if you do it right. Take a read to see how you should be investing.


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If you’ve got extra cash to play with then you should look outside of your business for ways to bring in bigger returns. Property is such a good area for you to invest in, and it’s common for established business owners to turn to property as a way to bring in some extra cash.

You don’t need to be an expert in the area of property investment – you just need some time to get to know what you want. You can either buy a property and rent it out, which can bring instant returns. Or if you only have money for half the property, put that down as a deposit and use the rent you’ll be bringing in to continue to pay off the mortgage. It shouldn’t be too long before you’ve paid off the remainder of the mortgage and the rent you’re bringing in can go back into your pocket.

Or you can look for properties on auction. They’re most likely there because they aren’t selling or need too much work to be marketable to sell. So your may find them at an auction for a lot cheaper. You could buy one and do a property flip. Doing it this way gives you the chance of almost doubling a big investment.


So, let’s move away from investing outside of your business to investing inside. The technology you have in your office will likely be there for years and years. Before you know it, it can become outdated and behind the times. Fixing this will improve so much for you within your office. The first thing you could look to update is your phone system. VoiceOnyx offer a wide range of phones that help improve the overall running of your business – especially if your day involves speaking to customers on the phone.

You could also improve the technology your employees use. If you’re in an office, then get the latest computers for them to work from. This will improve the speed of processes in the office. If you work in a factory and always have that one machine that breaks every week, splash the cash and invest in a better quality model. All of these measures will help boost productivity, which in turn boosts sales.