Keeping your employees healthy while working is very important to the productivity of the workplace. If your staff aren’t healthy, then they’ll be off more, and that means some projects and daily tasks won’t get done to their full effect. So here are some tips to keep your employees healthy while working.


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Keep Them Hydrated

It’s important to keep them hydrated, especially throughout the months where the temperature can go up. With those staff members who might always be running around, it’s essential to keep them hydrated and healthy. You might want to look at the situation where it comes to supplying drinking water. Of course, the taps in your communal kitchens might be sufficient, but it’s not always the coldest. You might instead want to think of installing water coolers or if you already have them, something a little more updated and better performing. Like the Elkay EZS8L, for example, you can provide your staff with fresh water that’s not only in constant supply but is also going to be cooler than what comes out of the tap for the most part. Keeping your staff’s water levels up is definitely important.

Enforce Regular Breaks

Regular breaks are an important part of staying healthy, but not enough employees tend to take it when it’s really needed. Lunch breaks are the main culprit as many staff members tend to eat at their desks, rather than their food to a communal area or going out for some fresh air. It’s important to try and enforce these regular breaks as often as you can because not giving your brain a rest from actively working all day is going to burn them out eventually. They also might lose their motivation or activeness to work.

Have A Fruit Basket Delivery Each Week

Not all businesses might be able to afford this, but again, it’s something that might be highly beneficial to do. The fruit is the healthier choice when it comes to breakfast baskets. It’s something you can get delivered at the start of the week, and then your staff can help themselves as the week goes by. Try ordering one in and seeing how well it performs and of course, the cost over time. It’s a little treat that you can give your staff and a good way to help them start their day.

Provide A Comfortable Workstation

Comfortable workspaces are important when it comes to those who may spend a lot of their day working at a desk. It’s important that the workstation they’re at is comfortable for them and so it’s worth looking at everyone’s stations to check it’s healthy for them to work at. Look at the chairs they are sitting into the monitor risers and how far they’re away from the screen. It’s all relevant to making sure they are staying healthy when working in the office environment.

Your staff’s health in the workplace is essential to focus on, so continue to find ways that you can make their experiences great.