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No matter how little ‘little victories’ may be, they’re still worth celebrating. Why? Because they’re still victories! These victories could come in the form of doing something, no matter how innocuous it might be, for the first time. It could come in the form of finally talking to someone you’ve been plucking up the courage to talk to for quite some time. It could even come in the form of receiving some good news. And, no matter how small or innocuous the little victories you experience during your working day may be, you should use them to keep you going through that day.

Completing an assignment

Even when you have eight assignments to do a day, everyone that you complete makes you feel a little bit better, right? Well, this feeling is a little victory, and should be celebrated as such. So, when you complete and conquer an assignment, don’t shrug it off as being ‘just another one complete’. Treat it as something that means you have done and are doing the work assigned to you. Treat it is a checkpoint in the marathon that is your working day.

happy man

Celebrating at work. Image source

Suddenly realizing hours have passed without you noticing

Losing track of time at work and then suddenly realizing hours have passed, and that you’re closer to home time than you thought you were, is a great feeling, isn’t it? And this great feeling is a little victory, don’t get that mistaken! So, the next time you check the clock and see two hours have passed without you realizing, treat it as a victory. Enjoy the triumphant feeling that you feel when you see the clock ticking faster than usual.

time flying

Work: the only time when it is acceptable for time to fly. Image source

Reading your horoscope

Whether you believe in horoscope reading or not, reading yours can provide you with the sense of experiencing a little victory or even push you to do something that helps your working day be just that little be easier. Well, reading something that says ‘you’re in for a windfall’ is always going to make for good reading, isn’t it? So, check out AstroStyle for a comprehensive daily breakdown of how your stars are aligning. By doing so, you might just find that second wind needed to get you through the second half of your working day.


Horoscope signs. Image source

By celebrating the little victories you experience during your working day, you will find yourself leaving work feeling full of more energy than usual. And, when you leave work feeling energetic and even somewhat refreshed, you open yourself up to the possibility of doing more with your free time after work. You could pen that novel you’ve been thinking about for years. You could begin putting plans in place in regards to that entrepreneurial idea you haven’t been able to get out of your head for a while. Or you could just devote more time to a hobby of yours. The point is, when you celebrate the little victories you experience during your working day, not only will your working day be easier to circumvent, but you preserve energy and in turn have some energy left over when you return home, and this energy could be used to chase your own dreams.