Take a look at most people’s home office, and what you’ll see may be a pretty depressing sight: there’ll be a desk, chair, and harsh overhead light. Instead of getting creative and creating an awesome space, most people have an office that makes corporate offices look positively enchanting. Of course, your office needs to be functional, but it can have an element of cool, too. A cool space will make it easier for you to get into a free-flowing, creative mindset that’s needed to deliver your best work. Here’s how you do it.


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Bring the Color

Where would you prefer to work – an office that’s made up dull colors or one that’s visually appealing, full of color, and cool to look at? It’s your office, and your home, so there’s no need to play it safe when selecting your decor colors. Be big and bold, just like you and your business. When hosting clients for interviews at your office, you’ll make a good impression, and they’ll have an instant appreciation for you and your business.

Add Works of Art

You’re aspiring to make art, regardless of what your business is. You’re trying to create something new, push things forward, and fill a need. To get yourself in the right mindset, look at adding a work of art or two to your office. What you select will depend on your personal preference, but if you’re open to taking some advice, we say try to avoid those cookie cutter offerings from the big home decor stores. Your business is all about you. It’s unique and your art work should also be the same.

Figure Out Your Lighting

Though there are practical considerations when it comes to your office, there’s still plenty of scope for you to play around with your lighting selections, and make your office visually appealing in the process. Pay particular attention to the shading of your light – there’s no law that says it has to be bright. Perhaps a warm tint is better? Of course, it all depends on what works for you.

Go Industrial Chic

If you’re trying to create a modern office, then you’ll have plenty of scope to have an office with a cool vibe. After decades of traditional looking offices, start-up companies decided to do things slightly differently, and they did so in creative ways. One way they did this was to re-purpose old industrial buildings into offices, in the process creating the “industrial chic” look. You can get this in your home office, especially if you’re converting a garage into an office, and with relative ease, too. With a few steel pipes from Varner Pipe, you’ll be able to create a shelf or two for your books. You can also add metal light fixtures, and install rustic wood tables, chairs, and the like. You’ll have the coolest office in the neighborhood.

A Resting Spot

Have you seen how they’re doing things in Silicon Valley these days? It’s pretty inspiring. These aren’t just places to work; they’re places to relax. Obviously, the benefits to this are obvious. When you begin to feel your eyelids slump when you’re working, you can recharge your batteries by relaxing for twenty minutes or so. If you have the space, look at creating a cozy corner where you can take a break from work in comfort. The ideal fixture to have is a hammock, but even having a few extra comfortable chairs and pillows will do the job.

Add Touches of Nature

Bring a little bit of life – and the outdoors – to your office! There are plenty of reasons to place a few plants around your home office, and few drawbacks. They’ll brighten up the place, improve the air quality, and give your mood a boost. Let’s be honest, they’re lovely to have around…


Source: Pexels.com

Your Personality

You’re not just a business owner. You’re also a son or a daughter, a parent, a friend, and so much more. So why not bring a touch of the other sides of yourself to proceedings? You’ll want to keep it tasteful – it’s a place for work, after all – but there’s nothing wrong with having some photos, souvenirs, and other reminders about why you’re working so hard to build your business hanging around the office.

Conceal the Ugly Essentials

Of course, not every aspect of your office is going be beautiful and glamorous. There are certain practical factors, too, such as, for example, all those cables that are going to be around the place. To create a flawless look, keep them out of view. You can keep your cables neat and tidy by using cable clips to keep them together. Where possible, opt for Bluetooth connections, as they’ll help to limit the number of cables that have to be in the room.


Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not bound by too many rules when it comes to your home office. It’s your property, and you’re the one who’s going to be working there, after all! While you’ll have to remember that some clients will likely see it from time to time, the most part, it’s all down to you. So have a think about every aspect of your home office. If you get it right, then you’ll have an office that’s both functional and cool, which can only help to take your business to the next level.