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First of all, what is a managed service? In terms of IT, it is a system which is provided by a third-party company that assists a business with all its IT needs. When you are running your own company, you want to ensure that your IT systems are constantly kept up and running. If there is any downtime or any issues arise, you want to know that they will be fixed as soon as possible. Managed IT Services allow for these issues (amongst several others that are listed below) to become a worry of the past, giving your IT team more time to focus on other aspects of their roles and for your business to run more smoothly overall. It is also an easy way to make your business more productive and allows for greater growth.

So what are the main benefits of managed IT Services and how can you utilize them within your business?

  • They can fix issues and provide maintenance

One key benefit of a managed IT service is that (as mentioned above), it can be used to monitor your businesses network 24/7. This means if any issues arise, they can be fixed quickly without your staff having to worry. One downfall of solely having your IT staff to fix these issues is that if they occur on the weekend or when they are on holiday, they won’t be sorted out quickly. A managed IT Service will be on call and will allow for the networks to be monitored for potential risks.

   2) It can help you to budget

Training staff, managing equipment and buying IT equipment can be expensive. Not to mention the rest of the costs that come with running a business. To help budget out your monthly costs, you can use a managed IT Service. Breaking down how much their services cost each month, you can plan out how much you need to spend on them and determine if there are any areas within your business that can be scaled down.

3) It adds a level of security to your business’s IT infrastructure

Every business has sensitive data that it has to protect at all costs. Following on from the first benefit, managed IT services can help to protect this data from any potential threats from cyber criminals. Experts within the field of IT, your business will be secured from the security breaches. They will even create a bespoke security plan that will be used to determine how to prevent such threats and an ongoing plan of dealing with them.

It’s clear that there are many benefits for your business in outsourcing your IT services to a third party company. Even though it might seem like a large expense at first (depending on which company you choose of course), in the long run, it will save money and protect your networks. Adding an extra level of security to your IT infrastructure it’s a great way to ensure they are managed efficiently and correctly.