The reasons are written all over your face  (image)

If your business isn’t growing, you might be the problem. Sorry if that offends you, but take a step back for a moment and consider why that may be the case. No matter how talented and wonderful you are, there may be some glaring flaws in the way you handle business matters. Have a look at the following and if any of them ring true for you, make sure you take action and remedy the situation as soon as you can.

You never delegate

You aren’t the master of everything – no matter how clever you think you are. There are bound to be areas in business where the job is better serviced by somebody else. Outsourcing to others will save you a lot of time where your efforts can be better used elsewhere. Click here for an example of the professional support available to you. Then remember your team. You need to trust in their abilities and hand over the occasional task to them. Who knows, you may have a shining star among your staff just waiting to prove their worth to you. Delegating isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s simply good common sense.

You are old school

While old school himself these days, Bob Dylan did get it right when he sang ‘the times they are a changin.’ No matter when you started your business, the world and its technologies will have moved on. You need to take advantage of this and stop relying on old practices. We aren’t saying you’re still using a typewriter and a dial phone. Even if you do have a computer and a smartphone, certain advances will make your business more productive. Find out what’s out there, read industry papers and go online to educate yourself to better serve your business.

You’re a bit of a wallflower

Locking yourself in the office all day isn’t going to help anybody. You should get out there and meet people to grow your business. This means going to public events, such as industry forums, conferences, local business meetings and trade shows. Speak to people who can help you and make time for meetings with potential clients. You might even drum up the courage to take up public speaking at one of the said events, using our helpful presentation tips. You can network online using LinkedIn and other social media platforms. As the face of your business, you really do need to forego your shyness and make contact with the outside world.

You are burning yourself out

Going back to the first point on our list, you CAN’T do everything. By doing so, you will burn yourself out and suffer from exhaustion. You will suffer, your family will suffer and your business will definitely suffer. Therefore, make time for work-life balance, remembering to have fun. Make time for people and the things you love to do outside of work. By giving up some of your responsibilities and allowing yourself some ‘me time,’ will help you feel refreshed enough to make an extra impact in your business hours.