Christine Marmoy picChristine Marmoy is the CEO of Coaching & Success and the founder of Raw Mom Magazine. She’s passionate about helping women increase their visibility and uplevel their businesses by harnessing the power of messaging through books. Christine is also a mom and wife and currently resides in Mexico with her family. In this episode Christine shares her journey of discovering her dream, why every successful entrepreneur must be passionate and courageous and how a debilitating illness helped her business evolve.

How She Manages It All: Her Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iMac), Dropbox and a great team who supports her and her business.

Most Impactful Book: The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

Upcoming Projects: Her next anthology, One Smart Broccoli, that shares stories of  people who were diagnosed with serious illnesses. This book encourages people to practice healthy living by eating right and exercising regularly. 

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Facebook as Christine Marmoy and on her fan page, Raw Mom 

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