Knifie Burks head shotKnifie Burks is a Visibility Strategist and founder of Women of Wealth Coaching. She uses her gifts and expertise to challenge women to step outside of their comfort zone so they can build a wealthy, successful life. As a single mom, Knifie worked two jobs for most of her daughter’s life. This inspired her to help women build solid businesses that allow them to have more time to spend with their children.

In this episode, Knifie shares her journey of how she discovered her passion and purpose. She openly talks about her biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and shares a simple yet effective strategy to help women overcome mommy guilt.

You’re sure to gain a fresh perspective after hearing Knifie’s story.

Most Impactful Book: Battlefield of the Mind  by Joyce Meyer

Online Resource that helps Knifie stay focused and organized: Google Drive & her Calendar 

Where You Can Find Knifie online: 

Her website –

Facebook: Personal page (Knifie Burks) and Facebook group: Women of Wealth & Accountability Challenge