Marilyn Porter headshotMarilyn Porter, affectionately known as M.E. Porter, stands gracefully in the world as a woman called to a divine purpose.  She is a mother, a minister, a teacher, a dynamic speaker and so much more. As an entrepreneur, M.E. is the founder of Marilyn Elizabeth Unlimited, LLC (ME Unlimited).  

M.E. is anointed to empower and propel others forward in their life journey by giving them the guidance that she didn’t have. She helps transform lives, and lift women where they stand. Together, they stamp out chaos, confusion and stagnation.  The result is the alignment of words, actions and spirit.

In this interview, M.E. openly shares her experiences and the process she went through to transform her calling into a successful business. In the beginning it was very chaotic, but M.E. had wisdom and knew that there were women who needed her experiences to serve as a roadmap for their lives.

M.E.’s advice for women who have a dream lying dormant inside of their hearts, but they don’t know how to get started:

Before you begin the process of pursuing a dream, make sure it’s your dream. Do the work. Search yourself and make sure that your big dream is your big dream. If it’s yours, know that you are designed to carry it out. But if it isn’t your dream, you will struggle, procrastinate and you won’t be motivated to do the work.

The most important lesson Marilyn has learned along the way:

Believe in your ability to be you. You have to know who you are, trust who you are and know that you are designed to get yourself where you want to be.

Most impactful book: The Launch by Jeff Walker

Where you can find M.E. Porter online:

Facebook: I Am ME Porter and Motivationally ME (ministry page)

Twitter: MEMotivates

Instagram: TheMEPorterMission

LinkedIn: MEUnlimited

I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of the Moms With Dreams Show. My mission is to educate, empower and inspire you to create a life you love. In every episode you’ll meet an amazing woman who bares it all to show you that you can do it, too.

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