Shanon Lee head shot“Don’t aspire to do something – do something. Don’t sit around waiting, the time is now.” ~Shanon Lee

Shanon Lee is a professional writer, editor, web designer and creates social media marketing plans for small business owners & entrepreneurs. Shanon is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of, a contributing writer for Hearst Digital Magazines and a featured columnist for Divorced twice herself, Shanon is now enjoying a healthy, loving relationship and is the mom of four beautiful children.

During our conversation, Shanon talked about her love of writing, how she blends her business with motherhood  and her journey to becoming a professional writer.

In this episode, Shanon lets us in on her secret strategies and tips. She talked about:

  • her struggles during her early days of being a mompreneur

  • how she incorporated her business into motherhood

  • the valuable lessons that she learned along the way (that you may benefit from)

  • what she let go of in order to move forward in her business

  • how to be fully present with your family when it’s family time and fully present with your business when it’s time for that

  • her checks & balances system that keeps her in touch with what’s most important

  • how to get started as a professional (paid) writer

Most Impactful Book:

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Upcoming Projects:

Shanon is currently looking to interview divorced women, or women who left a long-term relationship, to share their stories on her site, Readers can also find advice and tips on dating, sex and relationship there.

How to Find Shanon Online:

Websites: and

Twitter & Periscope: @Mylove4writing

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