Denise Dennis head shot“Commit to imperfect action. Take some action that’s going to move you closer to your goal.” ~Dr. Denise Dennis

Dr. Denise Dennis is the founder of Prepared Mind Coaching, LLC and the author of Make That Change! 8 Steps for Crafting Your Ideal Life and The B.O.S.S. Journal: Set Quarterly Goals, Track Daily Progress and Be a Business on the Side Success!. Dr. Dennis helps entrepreneurs grow their business on the side while they continue to work their full-time jobs. One of her favorite quotes by Louis Pasteur, “Chance favors the prepared mind”, summarizes her vision of coaching and life. Chances and opportunities come into our lives, but we can only make the most of them when our minds are prepared.

During our conversation Dr. Dennis shared helpful strategies and lessons she’s learned to help entrepreneurs build their side businesses.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • how to automate your business so you can build it while working your full-time job

  • being disciplined and following your schedule

  • how to use time blocking and prioritize to get tasks done

  • the importance of making a vision board (and the discovery Denise made after doing this)

  • the biggest challenge that side-preneurs face and how to move beyond them

  • the most common mistake new and aspiring entrepreneurs make and what you can do to avoid this

  • FREE resources to start your business and build it

Most Impactful Book:

Getting Things Done, by David Allen

Online Resources that Denise uses in her business:

Evernote & To Do-ist App (these resources integrate with each other to increase your productivity)

Current and Upcoming Projects:

Win with Webinars, a service for business owners who want to host webinars without the hassle of managing any of the technology

Denise hosts monthly business and leadership technique webinars

Where You Can Find Denise Online:

Facebook: Dr. Denise Dennis

Twitter & Periscope: @DrDeniseDennis

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Go out there and create a life you love! You can do it!!

To Your Dreams & Success,