Teresa Robinson headshot“It’s all about setting short-term goals to achieve long-term goals, doing little things each day that turn into a lifestyle.” ~Teresa Robinson

Teresa Robinson is a health and fitness coach, yoga practitioner, a mom of four, a dedicated wife all while working a full-time job. Since childhood Teresa has had a passion for sports and spending time outdoors. After having children, she struggled with her weight and hit a low point when she realized that the weight wasn’t coming off.

After having her third child, Teresa decided enough was enough. She started doing Pilates, adding a little more each day. Teresa then made a promise to herself and to her family that she would maintain a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for her children. Eventually Teresa’s passion drove her to become a health and fitness coach. She is currently pursuing her certification as a yoga instructor and is looking forward to helping others make health and fitness a lifestyle.

In this episode Teresa shares these golden nuggets:

  • A powerful “aha moment” that transformed her perspective on motherhood

  • Her personal struggle with weight gain and how it affected her life

  • The turning point when she got fed up and how everything changed after that

  • Her journey to creating a healthy lifestyle and incorporating exercise into her daily routine

  • How to set fitness goals and commit to them (without quitting after a few weeks)

  • How to start working out even if you think you don’t have time

  • Simple strategies (that anyone can do) to unplug and quiet your mind

  • And more…

Most Impactful Book:

Motherhood, Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All, by Erica Gordon

How to Connect with Teresa Online:

Facebook: Reespiration Health & Fitness (fan page), Teresa Blocker-Robinson (personal page)

Twitter: Reesebeauty719

Instagram: @YogaNubia

Website: www.beachbody.com/reespiration

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