Born in South Africa, Mimika Cooney is a TV host, published author, speaker and a business, branding and video marketing expert. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs attract their perfect clients and position their brands for higher sales. Mimika is also a loving wife and mom of three beautiful children. Mimika talks about how she balances being a mom and a TV show host while operating her consulting and coaching business.

In this episode Mimika shared:

  • How she moved to a new country, had a baby and started a business in less than 6 months

  • How her hobby evolved into a booming business

  • Why entrepreneurs should be open and adaptable

  • An embarrassing moment that became a life-changing lesson

  • 2 key questions you should ask when building the foundation of your brand

  • What ‘brand disconnect’ is and how to avoid it

  • Brand value and the emotions behind purchasing decisions

  • Signs that let you know when it’s time for a change (in your life and in your business)

  • And more…

Current Projects: – courses that teach entrepreneurs how to create quality videos without spending a fortune.

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