Tina Brown head shotTina Brown is an accomplished author, a loving mother, and a proud grandmother. Her journey as an author began with writing personal thoughts in her diary. After a while Tina realized how much healing she experienced and was inspired to share her story with the world.

In her first book, A Life Not My Own, Tina shares her personal experiences of child abuse and neglect and her struggles as a teenager and a young adult. In the popular eBook, Just Between Us – Inspiring Stories by Women, Tina contributed a short story about her life challenges and how she overcame them. Tina later ventured into fiction with her book, Struggles of the Women Folk, and its follow-up, Tethered Angel.

In this episode Tina shares how she overcame her biggest challenge and fear. She gives helpful advice to aspiring authors and explains why she self-published her second and third books instead of hiring a publishing company.

Tina’s tips for getting started on your journey:

  1. Define the goal that you want to accomplish.

  2. Design a method that will help you achieve your goal.

  3. Identify blocks of time to work on your goal.

  4. Start by taking small steps within the blocks of time that are available to you.

Tina’s Most Important Lesson:

Tina learned that you have to think outside of the box if you want to be a self-published author and reach your audience. By attending events that were not directly related to books, Tina has grown her audience and increased her visibility. Had she not been open-minded about going, Tina admits that she would not have made some of the important connections that have helped her reach new audiences.

Tina’s Encouragement for Beginner and Experienced Authors:

Tina encourages authors to write about what they know and what they’re passionate about rather than following fads or writing about what’s popular. Readers can tell when an author isn’t knowledgeable and doesn’t have a connection to what he or she is writing. Take your time. If you’re writing fiction, let your characters “speak to you”. Allow your writing process to flow and evolve.

Tina’s Projects:

Tina has just released an updated version of A Life Not My Own, which will be available on Amazon. For more information, visit Tina’s website, http://authortmbrown.org.

Most Impactful Book that Tina Recommends:

The Bible, which Tina reads daily. She starts each day with meditation and a prayer. No matter how she’s feeling, reading the Bible is always uplifting and a powerful source of encouragement.

Where You Can Find Tina Online:

Website: http://authortmbrown.org

Social Media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/TM-Brown-Published-Storyteller/422048661227949?ref=hl

 Twitter: @TbrownM

 Email: tm.brown35@yahoo.com

 Other Resources:

Tina mentioned her editor, Karen Perkins, and graphic designer, Cecilia Morgan, who work for Lionheart Publishing in the United Kingdom. They have been exceptionally helpful to Tina in her author journey and she recommends them for editing and graphic design work.

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