Dr Savage head shot“In order for me to predict my future, I have to create it.” ~Dr. Eveangel Savage

Dr. Eveangel Savage earned her PhD in Social & Community Services from Capella University. She is the founding director of CasebyCase Research Foundation and president of Audacity Group Social Enterprise. With a focus on industry-specific research, she provides social enterprise training that helps leaders shape their firms and develop their initiatives for social good.

In this episode Dr. Eveangel shares her passion for empowering her community and making a difference through entrepreneurship.

Providing Access to Resources and Opportunity to Start a Business

Dr. Savage’s organizations are designed to help people who have previous history in the criminal justice system gain access to entrepreneurship. Her programs include courses that teach skills needed to start and successfully operate a small business. She also offers affordable business-building coaching services. She encourages her students to utilize their innate skills and abilities to create enterprise and “own their own stage”.

Your Workforce Skills Are Far More Valuable Than the Role You Play in a Corporation

Dr. Savage reminds you of the value in your workforce skills and the fact that you take them with you wherever you go. Quite often people get caught up in the present moment, wondering why they have a certain job, why they can’t move up or do something that they love. Instead, she suggests that you look at all of the years of experience and skills you’ve gained that you can apply in your business.

Dr. Savage’s Recommended Reading

Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence, by Mike Lewis

Dr. Savage recommends this book because it helps readers understand how they can create a brand that stands out and attracts people to their website, products, and services.

Dr. Savage’s Projects

She recently launched her E-learning program with her “smart classroom” that offers a variety of self-paced business courses, where she is in the course room and students have access to the instructor. with her students.

Dr. Savage also has her leadership training program, where she teaches the concept of social entrepreneurship and how businesses can transform into social enterprises.

Dr. Savage is excited about her up and coming book, To Predict Your Future, You Have to Create It.

Where You Can Find Dr. Savage Online

Website: http://audacitygroupsocialenterprise.com

Phone:  252-347-5916

Dr. Savage’s Parting Words of Wisdom

“We must deliberately consider the effects of what we teach to our children, to our youth, to those we connect with; if you believe it, then you can always achieve it.” ~Dr. Eveangel Savage