My guest this week is my beautiful sister, Teresa Robinson, who is the founder of Teresa Robinson Yoga. This is where she challenges and inspires her students to realize their unlimited potential.  In addition to taking care of her family and keeping up with her corporate job, Teresa teaches several yoga classes and offers private lessons.

For Teresa, yoga is much more than a way to stay fit. While learning the basics of yoga, she learned how to connect with her breath, which helped her overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. She focuses a lot on the benefits of yoga in her classes, teaching her students how to manage stress, get through crises, and rebuild their lives after hitting rock bottom.

During our conversation, Teresa shared how she structured her lifestyle and made yoga a priority without sacrificing her family. While many moms struggle with mom guilt, Teresa understands that pursuing her goals and passion is not selfish. Becoming a certified yoga instructor has made her a better mom, wife, sister, daughter and woman all around.

How She Manages Everything with a Side Business:

Teresa was intentional about getting her family on board with her business. She asked for support, and everyone chips in. Her husband and children alternate cooking meals. Her husband picks their kids up from school. Her older children check their younger siblings’ homework, which makes her life a lot easier when she gets home after an 8-hour day at her corporate and teaching yoga afterwards.

Teresa’s Advice for Starting Your Side Business:

Teresa encourages you to start right now, right where you are. Don’t wait until the kids get older or until you get that promotion at work. There are steps you can take to begin your journey, and they don’t have to be giant leaps. You can take baby steps until you feel comfortable, but just keep going.

Teresa’s Ongoing Projects:

Teresa hosts monthly challenges on her Instagram page that encourage regular yoga practice and offer accountability. Her challenges are mixed-level, which means that you can participate as beginner, intermediate, or advanced student.

She also teaches classes at Lotus Mind & Body in Bernardsville, NJ; Burn Fitness Studio in Piscataway, NJ; and Onyx Yoga Studio in Warren, NJ.

Where You Can Find Teresa Online:

Instagram: @Yoganubia

Facebook: Teresa Robinson Yoga