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This week I introduce you to Contessa Louise Cooper. She is an author, speaker, mother, and creator of the #WeAllHaveAStory Movement, where she encourages people to share their stories to change their lives and the lives of others. Her movement originally began from advocating for her son who has autism but has grown to include anyone who wants to transform their pain and challenges into a platform to uplift others.

We covered a lot in this interview – from parenting with an autistic child to becoming a bestselling author and a thriving business owner.

Contessa’s story about having an autistic son:

I love Contessa’s warmth, caring heart and realness. You’ll see what I’m talking when you hear how she became an advocate for autism, what she did to overcome her anger, and her process of learning how to forgive. She offers helpful suggestions for parents with autistic children to help them overcome their issues.

“The easiest thing to write about is what you know.” ~Contessa Louise Cooper

Then we got into her journey as an author and what inspired her to write her first bestseller, Mad at the World: How to Move on and Find Peace When You’re A Special Needs Parent. She shares awesome tips to help you begin your journey as a new author.

In less than one year, Contessa has built a thriving business and community.

She tells you how she did it and gives you simple steps that you should take, before you even start writing, to build your business and be a successful “authorpreneur”.

To get the most out of this powerful interview, be sure to download your writeable action guide with key takeaways, self-reflection questions, action steps, and a challenge – all geared to help you begin writing your story.

Download your action guide to deepen your learning here.

You can find Contessa online at http://Contessalouise.com.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my community – I’m truly honored.

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