This week on the podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tina Dietz, owner of Start Something Business Solutions. Tina and I met last September when she was speaking at Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference here in New Jersey. I knew from the moment that Tina shared her story that I wanted to invite her to be a guest on my podcast. I just knew that her story would inspire and excite YOU to start something brilliant.

Tina Dietz is an internationally acclaimed business coach, audiobook publisher and launch specialist, podcast producer and a bestselling author who has been featured on ABC,, Huffington Post and Forbes.

Her podcast, The Start Something Show, was named one of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs on Her company helps clients who want more than just a business and more than a routine life – they want a Business Oasis. I LOVE that!

One of the things that we jump into during this interview is the idea that so many creatives and entrepreneurs struggle with avoiding shiny bright objects and staying focused. It’s because they have brilliant ideas and love starting new projects but often have a hard time finishing them. (I know this is one of my own personal challenges.) Tina sheds light on this topic and shows you how to redirect your excitement of “starting” so you can finish what you’ve started. It’s powerful!

Tina shares lots of great tips during our time together and suggests that you read the book, Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

You can connect with Tina and learn more about her by visiting:

Her website:




It’s hard to believe that this is my 87th episode, but it is. And that means that I’m only 13 episodes away from my next big milestone as a podcaster! I’ll share more about what I’m planning as we get closer.

For now, I want you to think about one thing that you learned from my interview with Tina and how you will implement it in your life.

Let me know what you’re going to start. You can leave me a note in the comments or send an email to

I hope this was valuable to you in some way and that you now have a different outlook on your life, your business or both.

I’ll be back next week with more inspiration and education.

Get out there, do what you love and make a difference!