I had the pleasure of interviewing Stacie Walker, best known as an international bestselling author, award-winning podcast personality, business strategist and mentor. As a business strategist, Stacie helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs put themselves first so they can design a beautiful life doing what they love. She teaches her clients and students how to infuse the power of collaboration and social platforms to rapidly accelerate business growth.

In this episode, Stacie and I talk openly about how, at the height of her success as an entrepreneur (earning five figures each month), she had to completely walk away from her business. Stacie talks about the condition of her health and the changes she made in her business when she decided it was time to go back.

Stacie shares her experiences and strategies so you can avoid the painful process she went through to learn what she knows now. I love that Stacie has no reservations about sharing and genuinely wants you to learn from her mistakes.

You can learn more about Stacie Walker at http://staciewalker.com or connect with her on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/staciewalker

Instagram: https://instagram.com/staciewalker

Facebook: https://facebook.com/staciewalkermedia

You can join her Facebook group, Elite Society of Ambitious Moms: https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtualsolopreneur/