If you’ve ever found yourself doubting your personal value or feeling like you’re not worthy of something that you really want – like happiness, love, success or anything else – you are so not alone. As I discuss this with my guest, Kia Urso, you’ll hear that this is a common thing among women.

Kia Urso is the CEO of Speaker of Life, a motivational speaker, Founder of the Women in Business Pageant, and co-owner (with her husband) of K & J Construction. She’s a corporate trainer on leadership, effective communication and customer service. Kia is also a loving wife and mom.

In this episode, Kia shares how she “accidentally” got started as a motivational speaker and what she discovered after she embraced her calling. She offers tips for new speakers on getting over the fear of public speaking as well as tips to improve your speaking skills.

Kia illustrates the struggle women have with accepting their value and discounting their worth and she shares insight on how to rebuild low self-esteem.

Lastly, we talked about one of my favorite topics – how to transition from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur. Listen and get Kia’s wise words on this.

Kia is excited about her first annual Women in Business Pageant happening in Clearwater, FL on July 7th-8th.

You can connect with Kia Urso and learn more about her pageant by visiting her website, www.womeninbusinesspageant.com. Also check out Kia’s Facebook page.

This episode will inspire you to embrace your value, self-worth and never discount yourself again.

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