This week I have the honor of introducing you to Andrea Helander, an entrepreneur at heart. She is the founder of Andrea Helander Designs, Inc., a full-service luxury interior design company specializing in new construction. Andrea also owned and operated Mrs. French, a boutique pick-up and delivery laundry service, a high end women’s designer apparel direct sales business, is a trained yoga instructor and most recently owns a skin care business with a billion dollar international brand.

Andrea is passionate about outdoor adventure, travel, running and spinning. She is always pursuing expansion, joy and enjoys sharing with others how to live a beautiful life through her Bathroom Banter and one-on-one coaching.

In this episode, Andrea reveals her journey from being an overworked single mom and business woman to finding gratitude, self-awareness and her greatness.

Andrea shares lessons she’s learned about the importance of being grateful, practicing regular self-care and focusing on the simple things in life that we easily overlook while living our busy lives.

I felt refreshed after hearing Andrea’s story and I’m sure that you will appreciate her insight, especially as a young mom. There are some things that we can only learn through experience. In those special instances where you have an opportunity to learn from someone else’s experience, you gain wisdom.

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Andrea’s Parting Words of Wisdom:

“Life is about growing into yourself and growing into yourself again. Take time to listen. It’s those things that make you most uncomfortable that lead you to your greatness.”

I hope you enjoyed this episode and were able to take something valuable and apply it in your life. As moms, we are always trying to get it right. Andrea is living proof that it’s ok to accept that we won’t always do it right, but as long as we are learning, growing and grateful, everything that we go through is worth it.

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Until next week, remember to reclaim your dreams, do what you love and make a difference.

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