In this episode, I take you behind the scenes of my 3-month break from podcasting and coaching. I share why I took an extended break as well as some of the changes I made to my podcast.

The main point in this episode is that, despite what you may think, taking a break helps you get closer to walking in your purpose and living your dreams.

Our fast-paced culture (and world) can make you feel like taking a break is something you shouldn’t do if you’re a dream chaser or an entrepreneur on the rise. However, I’m here to share the truth and let you know how powerful taking a break from everything can be to achieving your goals and dreams.

I’ve learned that sometimes

  • It’s better to stop and rest rather than to keep pushing yourself when you’re tired.
  • You have to stop and be still so you can receive guidance on the direction you need to go in or what steps you should take next.
  • Your creativity can get blocked if you have too much on your plate.
  • You run the risk of getting burned out and overwhelmed if you neglect to step back from all that you have going on.

As you listen, you’ll hear me share four key lessons that will help you understand the power of taking a break and how to do it effectively. After all, taking a break should empower you to move forward – not hold you back from living in your purpose (i.e. performing the work that you were born to do).

If you have a lot on your plate or feel like you’re reaching your limit, then this episode is a must-listen for you.

I encourage you to listen with an open mind and take notes. You might hear something that really resonates with you. You might even have an a-ha moment. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. Leave me a note in the comments or shoot me an email at

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