In this episode, I had a light and informative conversation with Knifie Burks, founder of the Social Media Lifestyle.

About Knifie Burks

Knifie is a Chicagoland realtor and social media strategist who helps women create multiple streams of income online and in real estate. As a single mom, she truly understands that sometimes life gets in the way and that women often feel like they’re being pulled in many different directions at one time. Knifie inspires women to take the action steps needed to step out of their comfort zone and into an abundant life where they are no longer living on “The Edge” of their dreams but taking the leap into the life that they desire!

Interview Highlights

  • Knifie shares her strategies to help women overcome their fears as entrepreneurs
  • The two biggest excuses women use when it comes to following their dreams and how Knifie pulls them through that
  • Changing from a mindset of scarcity to abundance
  • A pivotal moment that resulted in a new direction in Knifie’s business
  • How she helps clients find more time to build their businesses
  • Common roadblocks that moms face and how to get past them
  • And more…

Connect with Knifie


Facebook: find her under Knifie Burks

Facebook group:

Instagram: @knifieburks

Periscope: @knifieburks

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