In this episode, I talk with bestselling author and entrepreneur, Tiffany Stallings. Tiffany shares a lot of her personal journey as a mother who had to bounce back from divorce, losing her business, health challenges, and more.

You’ll be inspired by her story and you’ll relate with Tiffany as she speaks candidly about her experience with mom guilt as she worked hard to build her business. You may be surprised to hear how she became a bestselling author and the message from her daughter that caused a major shift in her life.

As a divorced mom, I know firsthand how difficult it is to find the willpower to push through pain, devastation, and figure out how to put your life back together. Tiffany reveals her secret for developing a bounce back mindset and how to start over when life simply does not go the way you expected.

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Tiffany has a free guide available now for aspiring authors “10 Steps You Need to Take Today to Finish Your First Book”. It is available on Facebook and Instagram as a free download. You can also request it on her website

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