In this episode, I’m diving into an emotionally-focused conversation with Isabel Hundt, a public speaker, certified transformation coach, emotions-clearing practitioner, and author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success.

During our talk, Isabel shares her expertise around navigating your emotional world and how your emotions create your experiences.

We discuss the difference between being an empath and a highly-sensitive individual.

Isabel sheds light on how to recognize your unique gifts and use them to perform your life work.

In a transparent moment, Isabel shares feelings, that she experienced after her son was born, that most women aren’t willing to admit.

You’ll gain insight on how to become an observer rather than a victim and become aware of your thought patterns and stories.

Before we wrap up, Isabel shares a powerful success strategy for mompreneurs and words of wisdom for moms in general.

Listen with an open heart and receive what you need in your life from our conversation.

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