“The more you (that) you become, the more your ideal client will be attracted to you.” -Brittany Bullen

When Brittany Bullen was a struggling new mom, she rediscovered her joy by doing things she was a “nerd” about – like writing books, songs and even a musical. Her nerdiness eventually led her to create NerdyGirl.co, which has become a content marketing consulting agency, worldwide movement and brand.

Brittany’s on a mission to teach other moms how to use “personality marketing” (a term she coined) to turn their own “nerdiness” into fulfilling, profitable businesses.

In this episode, Brittany talks about:

  • The importance of nerdiness, which is not the stereotypical definition
  • How to lean into your own nerdiness
  • What makes someone successful online
  • The Crisis of the Ordinary
  • How she’s successful in her business and as a mom and wife
  • And more…

Brittany gives you a whole new perspective on living a life outside of what you know right now, and how it’s possible while being a wife and a busy mom.

You can read Brittany’s new book, The Crisis of the Ordinary: What To Do If You Secretly Wish for More Than What You’ve Got for free at bit.ly/readbrittanysbook.

Where You Can Find Brittany Online:

Website: www.brittanybullen.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/pg/brittanybullenofficial

Instagram and Twitter: /brittanybullen

I hope that you heard something that resonated and inspired you to rediscover your joy by doing what you love and are good at. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment because that will never come. Once you know what you want, you’ve got to go for it.

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I’ll be back next week with more inspiration and education to keep you empowered on the journey to your dreams.

Until next time, Reclaim YOUR dream. Do what YOU love. Make a difference.

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