Alexa Freiler is a happy wife and mother of two amazing boys who took a chance, tried something totally different and discovered her passion and dream. Prior to opening her LuLaRoe boutique a few years ago, Alexa had no idea that her dream was to own a thriving home-based business that would allow her to be home with her family.

In this episode, Alexa talks about how she never saw herself as an entrepreneur type and how her success came to her as a surprise. She began her entrepreneurial journey in January of 2017 after falling in love with a product that she tried on a whim. Since then, Alexa discovered her passion and how much she loves what she does. She’s worked diligently to build a thriving business and an online community of thousands of women.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting something new, you’ll be inspired by our conversation. Alexa encourages you to go for it if it’s something that you can see yourself doing.

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