In this episode, I have a conversation with Jennifer Covington, who knows what it takes to create, build and run a freedom-based business from the ground up. As a coach, her genius lies in her ability to help you turn your passion into profit, so you can make the positive impact you were intended to make in the world.

We kick off the conversation talking about being a life coach and what led her to this industry. We both agree that life coaching is important and can be the catalyst to your growth and success.

After sharing how she got started as a life coach, Jennifer shares:

  • how to get clear on your soul-centered vision
  • why your vision isn’t random or haphazard
  • practical steps to build a freedom-based business
  • how daily action leads you to your purpose and more…

If you’ve been questioning whether you should move toward your vision this year, then this episode will be super helpful for you. Jennifer’s words of wisdom are simple and powerful. Be sure to listen until the end to get the nuggets from this conversation.

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Instagram: @therealjcov


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I hope that you heard something that resonated with you and stirred up something in your soul. Remember – what God has for you is for you. Your vision was given to you and only you. You already have everything that you need to make your vision your reality.

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Until next time – Reclaim YOUR dreams, do what YOU love and make a DIFFERENCE!

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