In this episode, you’ll meet Sophia Wise One, who is a teacher, healer, author, entrepreneur and speaker. She has also been called a modern-day medicine woman. Sophia is committed to making an optimal impact and she loves helping people get to know and love their authentic selves.

Sophia Wise One openly shares her spiritual journey including when she hit a major wall early in life as a young caretaker and how she dealt with being diagnosed with Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

Sophia shares her philosophy about why support is necessary and what happens when you are unsupported emotionally and mentally.

She poses a powerful question that I invite you to answer for yourself. (You’ll have to listen to hear what she asks, but I promise you it’s deep and well worth your time.)

Then Sophia talks about how you begin to heal from pain, trauma, life’s disappointments, stress and emotional burdens.

Everything that Sophia talks about is deep yet simple for you to understand and apply in your life. If you’ve been struggling with listening to yourself, trusting what you hear and believing yourself, then you’ll get a lot from our conversation.

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I hope that you heard something that resonated and opened your heart to the idea of listening, trusting and believing yourself. You know more than you know and probably more than you give yourself credit for knowing about what you need and want. Start listening to yourself and trusting what you hear. Then do what you know is best for you and watch your life begin to unfold in a new way.

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