Nneka Saran Mosley is a wife, mother of three, creative entrepreneur and woman of faith. She is the founder of Mamas who Lunch, an intimate lunch series that helps moms take a break, enjoy great conversation with other moms, and leave feeling inspired. What started as a simple idea to host an annual event for moms in her network quickly grew to multiple SOLD OUT events across three states. This event has now evolved into a one-day conference called Recharge.

Nneka is extremely passionate about encouraging women to step out on faith to do what God has called them to do.

In this episode, you’ll hear Nneka’s passion and commitment to bringing her dreams to life. Nneka shares how she manages the many moving parts in her life such as family, career, and living out her passion.

During our conversation, Nneka talks about:

  • her strategy for finding balance
  • the reality of running a one-woman venture
  • her feelings about moms not wanting to ask for help
  • what she thinks is very important for moms to do on a regular basis

Where You Can Find Nneka Saran Mosley Online:

Website: www.mamaswholunch.com

Instagram: @Nnekasaran and @mamaswholunchorg

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