Erica Hood-Vincent is the #ThinkSolutions Sales Coach and Money May Strategist. In these roles, she strategically blends her corporate America skills, love for God, and street savvy knowledge to teach infopreneurs how to sell their information without being salesy.

In this episode, Erica shares her journey into entrepreneurship from the beginning, how she evolved, and key turning points in her journey that helped her succeed.

During our conversation, Erica talks about:

  • Taking your employee hat off when you’re starting a business.
  • The dangers of focusing on sales and why you should remove the word, “sale”, from your vocabulary and thinking.
  • How her family survived when they hit rock bottom and had to rely on government assistance.
  • How she was crippled by fear and wasn’t sure if she had what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • The moment when everything changed in her business, and she knew exactly what she needed to do.
  • Much more…

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Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @ericahvincent

I hope you heard something that inspired you. Whether you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, or you’ve been doing it for years – the message that Erica shared is powerful. You have amazing skills that people need to solve their problems. You can’t quit when you face challenges – that’s part of the process. Look for creative ways to serve with your skills and being in business will become easier. The more people you help, the greater impact you make, and the more money you will earn as a result of your work.

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Until next time, reclaim YOUR dream. Do what YOU love. Make a difference!

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